Our olives are hand selected off the trees, and then undergo a long process to get them cured. The whole process can take up to three or four months. Green olives are ready for picking about a month earlier and undergo a different curing process to the later ripening black olives. Once ready for bottling we select each olive on colour and texture.

Available sizes

225g SquareGlass bottles black olives (AVAILABLE) 250g  Round glass bottles green olives (AVAILABLE) 1 litre  tub of green or black olives (OUT OF STOCK) 5 litre bucket of green or black olives (OUT OF STOCK) 5 litre bucket of green or black olives – second grade suitable for cooking (OUT OF STOCK)


100% virgin olive oil

All our products are made from 100% virgin olive oil grown and pressed in the Swakop River

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